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Cougar Talk

What is it?

Cougar Talk is a LIVE show through Streamyard. We chat every Friday night at 9 PM EST. You can watch and participate through their author groups.

Let’s share laughs while discussing everything from books to TikTok. Mom life to author life. And everyday chaos and random adventures.

Is this show funny only for ‘cougars?’

We’re not only cougars. There will be plenty of Henry Cavill references, because duh, and we enjoy a variety. The only rule for Cougar Talk is all cubs must be at least 21-years-old. As far as age limit – there really isn’t one. I mean, Harrison Ford is 78-years-old.

How did Cougar Talk begin?

Ashton Brooks (A.M.Brooks) got Gail Haris hooked on the Netflix series, “Outerbanks.” They fell in love with the twenty-something-year-olds – officially earning the status of ‘cougar.’ Then they decided to take their funny conversations and sharing of TikTok videos LIVE – because why not?

How do I go about becoming a guest?

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