Release Jan 21, 2020

Worth a Shot

A stand alone romance filled with humor, suspense, and a little steam!

One simple bump spiraled me into getting more than a taste of just coffee- but of excitement and desire. Now I can’t go back. It might be dangerous…but it’s worth a shot.

 Tristan Goodman

            She thinks I’m her hero, which couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a target painted on my back and anyone associated with me is in the line of fire, including the quirky, Victoria Angel.

            She’d be wise to end all contact with me like her fiancée wishes, but can I leave her alone?

…Especially after I taste the sweet lips of an angel. 

Victoria ‘Tori’ Angel 

            All I was after was a cup of coffee. That’s it. But I guess the universe had other plans. How do I go from getting coffee to waking up in the hospital?

 And how does my mysterious hero go from taking a bullet for me to getting arrested?

His last name is Goodman, but according to the police, he’s not a good man. However, I refuse to believe that. It feels as though fate brought us together. The police don’t agree. My fiancée definitely doesn’t agree.

Releasing January 21, 2020

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