She’s drowning under the weight of her lies.

Denise Randall is the youngest of the Randall siblings, their  princess. Denise, strives for perfection while hiding behind the crown of lies, and it takes everything she has to keep that perfect façade in place, ensuring she never reveals the truth. For the longest time, she’s been lost in the shadow of her siblings and family drama, making it much easier to conceal how she truly feels and just how imperfect she really is.

But a person can only hold so much in before they snap.

Keaton Sloan, like everyone in town, has known the Randall family all his life. He went to school with the two older Randall siblings, and his best friend is Noah Wallace, who is in a serious relationship with one of the Randall daughters. It hasn’t escaped Sloan’s notice that Denise Randall is growing up into a stunning and beautiful young woman. Any kind would have to be blind not to be drawn to her, but she’s off limits – especially when he works for her father. Surprisingly, he’s the one to straighten Denise’s crown after she has a weak moment and acts recklessly. Sloan stumbles upon Denise when she’s in trouble and offers his help, but he has a price of his own – the princess, herself. But he may get more than he bargains for, though, because there’s someone who would like nothing more than to see Denise knocked off her pedestal, losing so much more than just the crown on her head.

The suspects are endless, especially when Denise was involved in an affair, there’s family enemies, a crazy ex-boyfriend, or could it be Keaton Sloan, himself, orchestrating all of this to finally capture the princess’s heart?

Also, how do you know the truth when there’s been so many lies?

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The Blackmail of Denise Randall by Gail Haris.The highly anticipated third book in The Randalls series.

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