Gail’s Book Belles

Who are the Book Belles?

Gail’s Book Belles is my Facebook reader group. But so much more! Gail’s Book Belles is a positive, fun, and supportive group of book addicts. If you need a tribe of slightly crazy people that thrive off memes, shirtless Henry Cavill photos, and use gif’s as a second language, you’ve found it! Welcome to the family!

Other perks of being a Gail’s Book Belle – all the exclusives! Teasers, book news, cover reveals, giveaways – the Belles get first dibs! I’m more active here than anywhere else on social media.

#ShareSaturday! On Saturdays we celebrate YOU! This is also a day that is open promo for my author and blogger friends. But don’t feel like readers are not encouraged to share their news as well. Did you start an Instagram account? Share it! Did you get a promotion? Share it! Did you manage to get that stack of laundry washed AND folded – SHARE IT! (Mine is still in the basket, btw.) Share any and all news. Simply make your post on Saturday and use the hashtag : #ShareSaturday.

*AUTHORS & BLOGGER FRIENDS : We love to see all your news. You may post up to TWO posts that include links. We do not want this to get ‘spammy.’ Please limit 2 LINK posts per author – meaning you can not post twice and then send your PA to make two more posts – for any LINK posts. You can post giveaways (that they don’t have to do anything other than comment) as many times as you like. Posts with a LINK are limited to TWO (2) posts. Thank you!

Become a Book Belle!

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