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Did you enjoy Playboy Pilot and Mr. Moneybag? My upcoming release for this world features some of your favorite characters from those books and some new faces! It takes place in Greece!

A standalone novel in the Cocky Hero Club.

Arrogant Arrival by Gail Haris.

Here’s what you can expect!

Fake Engagement


Witty Banter

Arrogant Swoon Worthy Pilot

Get ready! This malaka is about to show you the time of your life! The night is young !

→ Genre: Romantic Comedy

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Jolene is done with pilots. She’s better than just another quick lay-over. But dating is difficult with her chaotic schedule in and out of airport terminals and hotel rooms all around the world. She’s tired of watching couples fly off to romantic destinations and families spending vacations together. However, she doesn’t plan to be a flight attendant forever. She just doesn’t know what she wants to do yet. One thing she does know is that she certainly doesn’t want to do that arrogant Greek bastard Jim.

Dimitrios “Jim” Georgakopolous is a contract pilot who loves his job — who wouldn’t when you can pick and choose your own schedule and destination? When a flight cancelation turns into the best layover of his life, he suddenly finds he doesn’t want to leave the arms of a certain dark-haired beauty named Jolene. Unfortunately, the storm that stranded them both there compares little to Jolene’s rage when she finds out he’s pilot.

Jim never expected to find his airport tryst again. Jolene certainly didn’t expect to be the stewardess on the same plane that Jim’s traveling on to Greece.

Will this be a twist of fate or a modern-day Greek tragedy?

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be a participating author in Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s new Cocky Hero Club World! These will be a series of books written by various authors, and each story is inspired by one of the original books in Vi and Penelope’s blockbuster series. We’re having a party in our Facebook group Tuesday to celebrate the latest addition of authors joining the world. If you want to follow the new world, here are all of the important links! Be sure to join our mailing list first to keep up on the releases!

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Get ready for Arrogant Arrival by Gail Haris!

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