Never stop believing in love, dreams, and yourself. And coffee…don’t give up on coffee and books 😉

Gail Haris believes in fairytales, love, and laughter as the best medicine.

Gail Haris believes in fairytales, love, and laughter as the best medicine. Sometimes she finds humor in situations she shouldn’t, and that can be awkward. But that’s all part of her warped charm.

She enjoys living in her small town in Southeast Missouri, and then taking adventures all over the world with her two wild and fierce princesses and Boo aka high school sweet heart and love of her life.

When she’s not getting into mischief or scheming with her two girls, she’s busy coming up with crazy scenarios for her characters. Using coffee and her imagination, Gail writes contemporary romances that blend laughter and true love out of everyday chaos. She writes in a variety of genres, including romantic comedy, romantic suspense, and new adult/coming of age romance.

Gail also loves traveling with her family, binge watching television series with her husband, singing Disney songs with her daughters, and having huge family and friends get-togethers that involve lots of food and usually a cake. 

Hopefully by following her own dream of becoming an author, she can be an example to her daughters that dreams can become a reality. Maybe she can encourage you, too.

Never stop believing in love, dreams, and yourself. And coffee…don’t give up on coffee and books

She debuted her first novel Worth a Shot, a steamy romantic comedy with a twist of suspense, in January 2020. Gail has hit the ground running and writing since. In her first year as a published author, she also released a new adult romantic suspense series – The Randalls, a three book series that follows the struggles of the Randall siblings. She also joined other author worlds such as, Corinne Michaels’ Salvation Society, K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes, and Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s Cocky Hero Club. In 2022, she will debut a new series with author A.M. Brooks (Ashton Brooks). This will be both their first co-writing experience. Get ready! They have lots of suspense and twists up their sleeves.

I love Comic Cons & almost all conventions that involve cosplay. Celebrity photo ops are the best thing ever!

Book Conventions are where I found the courage to self-publish. I discovered book conventions by stalking Colleen Hoover in 2013. lol. Then they turned into an addiction. I wanted to meet every author. But the best part was that I found so many new authors and book friends along the way.

I love to watch and attend musicals! I can’t sing, but you can bet your bottom dollar I belt out the chorus like I can. My favorite is a tie between The Phantom of the Opera and Wicked.

I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee and cakes.

Hot or cold – I’ll take it as long as it’s coffee. Mocha flavored chocolate, yes please. Dairy Queen coffee milkshakes with caramel syrup are life.

I’ll use any excuse to order or buy a cake. I love baking shows! I’m fascinated by what all designs they come up with.

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